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Be Committed to Your Success

Today, the average attention span is 5 minutes.  

Personal COMMITMENT is critical for your SUCCESS. With all the distractions that can keep you from achieving your goals, it is important to be COMMITTED and self-motivated to realize your dreams. External motivation fades quickly. Knowing your “WHY” will give you the motivation to COMMIT to overcoming any obstacles or challenges that stand in your way. It helps you to keep your eyes on the prize.

There will always be something that glitters more. In these moments, we need to remember that all that glitters is not gold. If we pursue everything that allures us, we will end up empty-handed as the pursuit of everything is generally the pursuit of nothing.

Start where you are, with what you have. COMMIT to your SUCCESS. Do not get distracted. If you have to, alter your ways, but not your goals.  



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