Word of the Year


Objective: Learn how to create one word that helps you stay on track toward your goals.

Word of the Year

Word of the Year is one of the many tools we use to keep us laser-focused on our goals. The right word can help you make choices, so you stay in alignment with your end goals. It can help you navigate each day by helping you prioritize based on your chosen Word. It can help you maintain clarity so you can stay on track.

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The examples below are just a small sampling of possible words. Your Word is a personal choice, two people can have the same word, but it could mean completely different things to each of them. There is no right or wrong, importantly, your Word needs to be in alignment with your values and be a guiding light toward your goals.

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How to Choose Your Word

This is a very personal process and there are things to consider and many ways to come up with your Word. Close your eyes and imagine your “perfect life”. How does it look and feel? Think about last year, what held you back? What is something that you would like to overcome? Look at different areas of your life and the goals you have set for them, is there a common thread? Start writing out words that come to mind, then go over the list and start narrowing it down, say each word out loud. What words strike a chord with you. Trust your gut with this.

Once you get down to 5-10 words, look at them through all aspects of your life, each of the goal areas, eliminate the words that don’t work with all areas.

How to Use Your Word

Post it everywhere: mirrors, screensaver, fridge, bedside tables, office, in your wallet, etc. Consider it your mission for the year to live by your Word. Before making a decision, consult your Word. Is the decision in alignment with it? Check-in with yourself at the end of the week, are you living your Word? Did you make good decisions based on your Word?

To Be Successful:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Download the fillable form
  3. Look at your 5 Core Values and the 5 Holistic Area goals as you think up words.
  4. Write out all possible Words, then begin narrowing them down until you get down to ONE Word.
  5. For the best effect, print out or write down the Word and place it somewhere you can easily see it every day. Display it all around you, the more you see it, the more it will begin to guide you to your success.

Click on the link below to download the fillable PDF form


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